CAD Plotting

We stay a step ahead to meet your growing demands in CAD with Kip printers and supporting technology. Our Kip printers allow us to print your drawings on demand, up to 800 sheets per hour, with your choice of materials, including mylar. Rapid vector to raster conversions, screen tints and area fills on bond or vellum are just a few of the capabilities of our equipment. For speed, versatility and quality output Zebra is your one stop shop.

Kip Auto Desk is the largest in advanced CAD plotting production software. This amazing system  allows you to completely set up your plotting jobs exactly the way you want them, and even see a precise print preview on your screen before you send the files to us for plotting. AutoDesk comes with its own communication software, enabling you to setup, view and send your job all from within one program, in a very fluid way.